Below are some answers to our most common questions.

Common Questions

Below are some common FAQs that might help answer any questions or concerns. Please feel free to call us at 562-413-5675 for any other concerns you might have.

When should you start looking for a DJ/Musician?

You need to look for your Wedding DJ right when you say “YES.” You want to be sure to book the best entertainment as early as possible to ensure availability, otherwise someone else will swoop on the opportunity. 

How do you get a dance floor going?

I love to hype up guests on the mic and drop the best remixes of wedding songs. If the dance floor needs a little TLC, I’ll throw on the cupid shuffle or other line dances — I’ll get out on the dance floor and take charge. That’s what an efficient Wedding DJ does when needed; they take command of the dance floor and keep people partying. 

One thing every DJ should have at a wedding other than the obvious?

Every Wedding DJ should always have a backup of everything; laptop, speakers, cables, microphone, and a DJ mat to stand on.

Biggest red flag to look for if you're booking a DJ/Musician?

The biggest red flag is when a DJ/Musician doesn’t have a contract or a 1 million dollar insurance policy. There’s nothing to stop the DJ/musician from canceling on you. In addition, in the event something major happens at the event due to the DJ/musicians setup or equipment and your performer is not insured, it’s bad news bears for everyone. 

What sets you apart from other companies?

One of the things that separates me from other entertainment companies is that I have the ability to perform live vocals/acoustic music either during ceremony or cocktail hour and proceed to DJ & Emcee the reception. 

In addition, not only do I perform acoustics/vocals & DJ at just Weddings. I perform at bars, breweries, clubs, corporate functions, private parties, and high-profile events. 

What's the one song that gets everyone going?

The most “magical” song on the planet that gets everyone going (pun intended) is 24k Magic by Bruno Mars. 

This song is special because it gets everyone, young to old and everything between, on the dance floor shaking their bodies and waving their hands in the air—Like I said, this song is really magical.