Why You Should Have Karaoke at Your Next Event


When you think of events, one of the most important aspects would have to be what kind of entertainment will be there. Will there be a live band or a rocking DJ? Why not both? Karaoke is a great way to get your guests both entertained and engaged, and it can be offered at any type of event, whether it’s a company event or even at a kid-friendly wedding. But before you consider having karaoke at your next event, here are some things you want to think about first in order to make karaoke successful.


Hire an experienced DJ


This might be an obvious tip, but having an experienced DJ can really bring your event to life. A good DJ and EMCEE can help kick things off by hyping up the crowd with some good remixes. They should know when to encourage the crowd through the mic and when not to overdo it. But most importantly, having an experienced DJ can be a huge benefit to your karaoke experience especially if they also offer acoustic singing services; they can be the first to kick off the karaoke if some of your guests are too shy to go first.


Having a large song selection can help encourage karaoke singers


Having a good selection of music can help encourage event guests to get up on stage and participate. The DJ you hire should have on hand some of the newest music as well as the good old classics. A library of 10,000 songs can be a good minimum, and having physical books that your guests can browse through is always a plus to help kickstart the karaoke.


Have the right equipment and lighting to enhance the karaoke experience


Nothing says attending a great event besides good music and good lighting! You can set the mood at your event and make any dance party by incorporating color-changing laser lights to create a perfect color combination with breathtaking visuals. You can even consider having some up lighting to improve the ambiance of your event space.


Setting the right environment is imperative to creating a fun event. Whether you’re looking to host your next corporate event or you have your wedding coming up, having an experienced DJ will help make your event the best it can be. Contact us to learn more about our DJ services as well as our lighting services.