Tips for the Perfect Summer Wedding


Summer is the perfect time to get hitched! Everything is warmer, brighter, and happier in the summertime. While the summer season is beautiful, it also brings on the heat. Many couples do not consider this when planning their wedding and end up with sweaty guests at the end of the night.


Luckily, we have some tips to follow if you plan on having your wedding in the summer!


  • Avoid the hottest part of the day.

If you plan on having an outdoor ceremony, it is recommended to be after 3 pm or after the peak of the summer heat. Waiting until mid to late evening for an outdoor ceremony will help prevent guests from sweating through their wedding attire.


  • Provide plenty of shade and remind people to bring sunscreen.
    While there’s no way to know exactly what the weather will be like on your wedding day, providing shaded areas for guests to retreat to if needed is a good idea. Providing guests with fans can also help them beat the heat. Reminding guests to bring sunscreen is also a good idea, so they don’t burn in the sun.



  • Have an indoor/tented photo and reception area.
    If your ceremony is outside, provide guests with a place to cool off by having your reception under a tent or pavilion. If guests are hot during the ceremony, they will want a place of relief to sit down and enjoy their meal. Once they cool down, they will also be more likely to tear up the dance floor with our sweet jams! Taking pictures in our customizable photo booth, in a cool setting will ensure photos without makeup running faces, and sweaty bodies.



  • Pick the right flowers and decor.
    Picking the right flowers and decor for a summer wedding is important. Going for a light, airy feel with both material and colors of decorations provides a refreshing touch. Also, remember that some flowers don’t do well in the heat, so be sure to do your research before deciding on flowers.

  • Keep the dress code lighter.
    Don’t forget to keep your bridesmaids and groomsmen cool! We recommend light and airy clothing, which isn’t too hard to find in the bridesmaid department. However, it may be a challenge for the groomsmen. 


As for guests, we recommend telling them to wear breathable dress ware.


If you plan on having a summer wedding, try incorporating some of these tips to ensure everyone is happy and comfortable on the big day! There’s a lot to handle on your big day, so let ADM Entertainment help make it smoother.