Outdoor Event Planning: Everything You Need to Know

When most people think about events, they think of indoor affairs – a stuffy room with tables and chairs lined up in neat rows. But what if you want to take your event outdoors? Outdoor events have their own unique set of challenges that need to be considered when planning. This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about outdoor event planning!


Here are a few things to consider about decor, lighting, and entertainment when planning an outdoor event.


You’ll want to keep things relatively simple when it comes to decor. After all, the outdoors is already a beautiful backdrop! You don’t want your decorations to take away from the natural surroundings. You can work with your vendor to find out what will compliment the space best and be most practical for the weather.


Get creative with lighting for your outdoor event! You will need to light up the area so guests can see and feel safe. String lights are always a popular choice, but you could also use lanterns, candles, or even hanging chandeliers. Just be sure to place them in safe areas where they won’t start a fire or block walkways.


As for entertainment, there are endless possibilities! Whether you are hiring a live band or DJ, make sure you have enough outlets and generators to keep everything running smoothly. Talk to your vendor to make sure you can plan a space for your entertainment that has everything they need!


Make sure your outdoor event is everything you hoped for by considering all of these factors.  With a bit of planning, you’ll be sure to throw a party that everyone will remember!


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