3 Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Hiring 

Most people don’t realize just how important a wedding DJ is. You may think that the money can go elsewhere and your uncle Jack can make a playlist, but choosing the right DJ can make or break your wedding. Here are 3 questions to ask a DJ during the selection process to ensure you select the right DJ for you. 

1. What is your experience?

Ask questions about their experience, performance style, and how long they have been in the business. Questions like “How many weddings have you DJ’d” or “What’s your mixing style” can help you visualize what kind of special day you will have.

Make sure your DJ candidates are seasoned pros, so you know that your wedding day will run smoothly.

2. What are your rates, and what does it include?

It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Strictly speaking, in Southern California, if a Wedding DJ’s rate is around the $600-$1000 mark, be cautious and ask yourself why this DJ is much cheaper than the other professional DJs with more reviews and a larger social media following. If this type of wedding DJ fits your budget, that’s wonderful. However, if red flags subconsciously pop up in your head, strongly consider increasing your budget to book a more seasoned Wedding DJ.

Also, note if your DJ will bring all equipment needed, if the rate includes set-up and breakdown between ceremony and reception locations and if there are other fees to keep in mind, such as travel or food expenses.

3. Do you have Insurance?

To piggyback on the previous question, most low-budget DJs DO NOT have a 1 million dollar insurance policy. Let’s say to save money, you hire a friend or a family member to DJ your wedding; a guest trips over a wire, a speaker falls over, or the DJ damages a part of the venue loading in/out their equipment, who’s responsible and who will pay? More importantly, why even put yourself, your guests, and your venue in that potential situation?

Experienced, professional wedding DJs have their 1 million dollar insurance policy. In the UNLIKELY event something bad happens, rest assured that all will be taken care of through the DJ’s insurance company.

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