ADM Entertainment has been handling weddings for over five years and we have made a lot of couples very happy. Whether you want Adam help capture a moment with his incredible voice or get your guests on the dance floor for the rest of the night... we've got you covered.


Celebrity Events

The Golden Globes. Yep. The Emmys. Yep. The Grammys. We're setting the mood before these major events for all the celebrities and we can keep the party going after too. If we ever feel a little star struck we also know how to lock it down and keep it professional too.

Special Occasions

We've covered a wide range of events that can't be categorized any other way than special. Music can add so much life and depth to any night and we have everything ready to go. You need a DJ? You need an MC? We happen to know a real good one.


Worldwide Yachting

Listen. All we're saying is that if you are going to take your yacht around the world for a vacation you'll never forget you arere going to want some appropriate tuneage no matter where you port to party and we would be more than happy to handle that for you. 


You don't have to take our word for it.

We have plenty of live footage featuring ADM Entertainment doing what we do best. Watch our video and rest easy knowing your event is in more than capable hands. Hands that can play guitar, cut up the ones and twos, and hit that sweet air horn button to your heart's content.